My name is Angela Serricca and I am the artist and owner of Serricca Studios.  In 2007, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for both Metalsmithing and Sculpture at Tyler School of Art (Temple University).  While in college, I experimented with paper pop-up techniques and how they could transition to sheet metal. After graduation, I worked for 8 years as a portrait photographer until I decided to rekindle my love of metalworking. In June 2015, I started my own business called Serricca Studios to focus on merging my creative passions and sharing them with the world. Because I enjoy exploring surface, dimension and space, I decided to revisit the techniques I explored back in college.  I enjoy artwork that provides visual, physical and emotional connections and feel my experience in sculpture, jewelry and photography techniques allow me to achieve these characteristics through my work.  Every piece is designed and made by me in my eastern Pennsylvania studio. “Garden Collection” was my first nature design study that featured the “Daisy” design, which later became the primary style of my work and inspiration for a variety of floral designs. In 2016, I began exploring the art show scene and growing my product line. Today, my work includes collections, one-of-a-kind and custom ordered pieces that feature “pop-up” elements inspired by nature. Copper is my preferred metal due to its warm color tone, ability to fuse with vitreous enamels, and ability to react with patina solutions and chemical etching processes.  My handmade metalwork is created using a piercing and sawing technique to hand-cut the sheet metal, then aspects of the design are hand-formed to create dimension. Surfaces may feature a patina or enamel finish to create a wearable work of art for personal adornment. Designing custom jewelry is a services I also enjoy providing, especially when the piece has a special memorable aspect to it. In July 2018, I joined the PA Guild of Craftsmen and plan to further my involvement. Through persistence, experiences and exposure, I plan to expand my product availability in shows, stores and galleries nationwide. With financial growth, I hope to be able to hire aspiring jewelers who wish to gain hands on experiences. Through it all, I’d love to become known in art communities and art organizations as someone who helps to promote the arts and art community.

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My Art Influences

I’ve been fortunate to have many influential women and men in my life who fueled my creative interests and supported my career path as an artist.

Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed various forms of arts & crafts. Jewelry making was always one of my favorite activities. I used traditional supplies (such as beads and embroidery floss) and non-traditional supplies (such as red licorice laces from Zern’s or onion grass from our yard). I had many plastic storage organizers filled with various crafting supplies and found objects, and I still do to this day!

Jewelry wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed. Coloring, doodling, sketching, weaving, pottery… my creative mind was always exploring. As a kid, I made sculptures out of my mashed potatoes, doodled on restaurant napkins, painted with water on our slate sidewalk, and so on.

My dad’s mom, Nanny, was an energetic little Polish lady of many talents. I’d like to say she was my first “mentor” for creativity. During WWII, she’d held jobs from sewing parachutes at a nylon mill to making plumb bobs & cookie sheets at a local factory. When I was a kid, she’d always have various art, craft or food DIY activities for us to do when visiting. In my grade school and college years, she’d always attend my exhibitions, art shows or craft shows. She was also the family member who always had a camera and several rolls of film at hand. (Remember film!?) We’d always moan when she’d bring out the camera, her response would be “It’s another ‘Kodak Moment’! “. After her passing, I had become aware of the importance of this role and had taken on her position, actively shooting ever since, as the “family photographer”!

For the majority of my childhood, I was exposed to the behind the scenes of owning a small business. My parents owned of a local hobby shop, called S&S Hobbies. My mother ran the shop while my dad worked as a full-time traveling tool salesman for Snap-On Tools. I enjoyed decorating my own racing slot cars with various paints and decals, as well as creating colorful friendship bracelets. When I was about 10 years old, I set up a square card table at the local farmers market and filled it with bracelets and anklets. That was my first craft show!

Every summer we’d visit my mom’s parents for a week in North Carolina. Sometimes, I’d even get to spend an extra week with them alone. Grammy & Grandpop enjoyed oil painting and would take me to their painting class. My Grammy’s mother, Great-Grammy, was a crafty lady as well. I remember she’d crochet clothing for my Barbie dolls, such as a pink and white dress with a large floppy matching hat. I still have a winter hat she made for me. At the time, it wasn’t my “style”, but later on in life it became my favorite. The memory attached to that object made it something that would hold more value to me later in life than I ever knew possible.

Exposure to various hobbies, crafts and tools continued to spark my interest. My dad, being the tool salesman, was always willing to help me with my school projects, had no problem showing me how to use tools. On vacations, he would help me sort new beads by color into containers or help wrap new embroidery floss cartridges. In grade school, art class was always my favorite up through high school and I looked up to all my art teachers with admiration. In high school, I assisted with their Annual Art Expos, participated in the Art Club, and was VP my senior year. Roughly half of my senior year was spent in the art department and to this day I keep in touch with many of the high school art teachers that inspired me along my creative path. When I learned about art colleges, both parents recognized my passion for creating things and were fully supportive of my decision to pursue a BFA degree at an art college called Tyler School of Art (Temple University).

Most of all, I have my wonderful husband, Jesse, to thank! From long night & weekend projects in my college years, to my current crazy work & sleep schedule, he’s always there when I need him. He is my best friend, the love of my life. He too has a creative personality, but more so in the field of computers, cars and carpentry. Together, we make a great team and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. I’ve been blessed to have such a loving and supportive partner in life!

All these stories I’ve shared are important memories that I hope to never lose. Memories help us connect with our past, present and with our peers. It is what makes us who we are! While some memories can be captured and stored through photography, others can be simply triggered by objects, smells, textures and colors. We may or may not know why we’re drawn to certain objects, but in the end we’re drawn to what defines who we are as individuals.

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Curricula Vitae


Tyler School of Art – Temple University (Elkins Park, PA)
Class of 2007 – Magna Cum Laude Graduate
BFA – Metalsmithing/Jewlery/CAD-CAM
BFA – Sculpture

Boyertown Area Senior High School (Boyertown, PA)
Class of 2003 – Honors Graduate
Art Club – Vice President
2003 Class Flag – Designer

LANGUAGE(S)        English


Jewelry Design & Fabrication
Kiln & Torch Enameling
Chemical Photo Etching
Metal Fabrication
Digital Photography & Editing
Event Planning & Coordinating


since April 2019 – Reading-Berks Chapter of PA Guild of Craftsmen (Reading, PA)

since July 2018  – PA Guild of Craftsmen

2009 – Studio B Art Gallery (Boyertown, PA)


2009 – Coordinator of Volunteers – Studio B Art Gallery (Boyertown, PA)

2008 – Show Committee Member – 19th YWCA Women’s Festival Of Art (Pottstown, PA)

2002-2003 – Vice President – Art Club, Boyertown Area Senior High (Boyertown, PA)


2008-2009 – Studio B Art Gallery (Boyertown, PA)


2019-Sep-10 “Juried Member” status of the Reading-Berks Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen (Reading, PA)

Juried status is an honors award, a form of recognition, that is given to members whose work is recognized as excellent in design and technique. This Standards Committee maintains a jurying process which examines the actual work of the applicant. If work is judged excellent, a certificate is awarded and the artist may exhibit work in guild sponsored events.

2019-Jun-01 –  2nd Place Ribbon + $250.00 Cash Prize – Saucon Creek Arts Festival (Bethlehem, PA)

Two professional artists or art instructors who are respected in the region were selected to judge the displayed works. Awards are determined at the discretion of the judges, decisions will be final and are granted for the overall show and not by media category.

2009-May-29 – Curators Choice Award – Terra Firma Eco Art Show – Studio B (Boyertown, PA)

2003-Spring – Arts Expo Scholarship in Crafts



Please visit the Events page for gallery of Serricca Studios events.


2010-Apr – Tri-County YWCA Womens Festival of the Arts (Pottstown, PA)

2009 – Boyertown Sidewalk Sale (Boyertown, PA)

2009-April-12 – Small Works Members Show – Studio B (Boyertown, PA)

2009-Nov-27 – Premiere Show Sale (Boyertown, PA)

2009-May-29 – Terra Firma Eco Art Show – Studio B (Boyertown, PA)

2008-Oct-10-11 – Tri-County YWCA Womens Festival of the Arts (Pottstown, PA)

2008-Apr-19 – Coming Out of Hibernation (Boyertown, PA)


2007-Spring – Seams and Surfaces (Temple University)

2007-Spring – Annual Student Exhibition – Selected Works from the BFA Studio Program

2007-Spring – Senior Metals Exhibition

2006-Fall – Little Big Time – Senior Sculpture Show

2006-Fall – C.A.T.S. Craft Sale (Craft Association of Teachers and Students)

2005-Fall – Umbrellas Installation

2006-Spring – Annual Student Exhibition – Selected Works

2005-Spring – Annual Student Exhibition – Selected Works

2004-Spring – Annual Student Exhibition – Selected Works


2003 – Arts Expo XI – with a “Senior Spotlight”

2002 – High School Student Exhibition – at Penn State Berks Campus

2002 – Arts Expo X

2001 – Arts Expo IX


Serricca Studios (Bally, PA)
June 2015-Present – Owner / Artist

Angela Serricca Photography (Bally, PA)
Oct. 2011-Oct. 2015 – Freelance Photographer

Dan’s Camera City (Allentown, PA)
Oct. 2011-June 2015 – Photo OPS Coordinator & Photographer
May 2011-Oct. 2011 – Photo Lab Associate

Picture People (Pottstown, PA)
Aug. 2009-May 2011 – Senior Photographer
July 2008-Aug. 2009 – Assistant Manager
Photographer & Sales Associate – March 2008-July 2008

Byers’ Choice, Ltd. (Chalfont, PA)
Oct. 2007-March 2008 – Production Artist

Andrea Lucille Designs (Brooklyn, NY)
Sept. 2007-Nov. 2007 – Freelance Jewelry Assembler –

Christine Bartling (Long’s Park Art Festival, Lancaster, PA)
Labor Day Weekend 2007 – Art Jewelry Sales Associate

Steve Tobin Studios (Quakertown & Coopersburg, PA)
May 2007-Sept. 2007 – Artist’s Apprentice

Langman Gallery (Willow Grove Mall, Willow Grove, PA)
May 2006-May 2007 – Art Sales Associate

Amy Ragsdale Design (Fort Washington, PA)
Sept. 2006-Dec. 2006 – Freelance Jewelry Fabricator

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