*UPDATE*  Please note that due to shipping and supply delays I’ve decided to not accept Custom Orders at this time.  Thank you for your understanding and my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you create custom orders?

Yes! Fill out the Inquiry Form or email Serricca Studios directly at: serriccastudios@gmail.com. Share as many details as possible and Serricca Studios will be happy to work with you to see if it is something that can be created!

What information do you need for my Custom Order Contract?

The more you can share the better! Specifics on materials, sizing, date needed by, as well as budget limits are all helpful examples. Serricca Studios will then reply as to whether or not it is something that can be made for you.

If it is, an agreement contract will be drafted and shared with you for revisions and approval PRIOR to creating your piece. If not, another fellow artisan might be recommended (if available).

What is the cost?

Cost will be quoted pending your provided details. Some time to research options before quoting may be needed. Prices vary due to factors such as: market price changes, ordering of out-of-stock materials, time involved, your desired due-by-date, shipping fees, etc.

Please also note, if you are requesting an original design that differs greatly from what is currently offering in the online “Art Shop”, an additional $50 Custom Order Fee will be added to your bill to cover time spent on developing the design as well as researching the needed supplies.

Additionally, any requests to have Serricca Studios “copy” or “replicate” an existing product WILL BE REFUSED in respect to that designer and any copyrights associate with their work.

When is payment due?

Once you sign your Custom Order Contract, confirming that all item descriptions and design sketches are accurate, then the TOTAL COST will be due PRIOR to the creation of your piece!

For more information, please read the Custom Orders Policy.

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Jewelry Care

How are your jewelry pieces protected?

Serricca Studios currently uses ProtectaClear® on all bare and patina copper jewelry elements, with an exception for chains, clasps and enameled pieces. 

ProtectaClear® is used to seal and protect bare metals, such as copper, by many jewelry designers and manufacturers. It is tough and durable enough to protect jewelry and is safe enough to wear against skin (it prevents a barrier for those whose skin may discolor when in contact with copper). It is practically invisible on polished metal and is also used on metals that have been plated or have a patina. It helps prevent fingerprints, tarnish, oxidation, corrosion, salt air and other damaging elements the metal may come in contact with, and will not darken or yellow over time.

For additional information about the product and its benefits, please visit:  Everbrite Coatings

How do I clean my copper jewelry pieces which are coated with ProtectaClear®?

  • USE: Mild soap & water, Windex®, 409® (or similar) is suggested by the manufacturer
  • STORAGE: Keep in safe, dry place when not being worn
  • DO NOT wear while showering or swimming
  • DO NOT USE alcohol or solvent based cleaners
  • DO NOT USE abrasives to clean coated metal
  • DO NOT USE cleaners with “petroleum distillates” such as mineral spirits, kerosene, white spirits, naphtha, etc.

How do I clean my bare copper chain and clasps?

A sample of the original YELLOW Sunshine® Polishing cloth is provided with each jewelry purchase that may require its use.  This cloth safely cleans and polishes jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper, mirrors and most other metals, leaving a deep, long-lasting luster.  When using to polish your bare metal, make sure it DOES NOT come in contact with any clear coated copper elements of the piece!

Since the copper chains and clasps are bare, un-coated metal, they will patina or tarnish over time depending on what they come in contact with.  You could choose to embrace this natural patina process, or you can bring back it’s shine by rubbing it with the Sunshine® Polishing Cloth, which is infused with special chemical cleansing agents.  Keep in mind, the cloth will not be able to get into every nook-and-cranny of the links.  It is perfectly natural for the yellow cloth to turn black, however, replace it once it is fully darkened.


  • Be sure the item to be cleaned is free from dust and other abrasives.
  • Gently rub the surface to be polished with medium pressure.

For an ultimate shine, consider purchasing PennyBrite® to fully restore the copper back to its original warm tones.  This however, will patina again over time, possibly even sooner than using the polishing cloth method.  If a bare copper chain does not sound appealing to you, I’d be happy to look into special ordering an alternative.

How do I care for my enameled jewelry?

Enamel jewelry is beautiful yet fragile. It needs proper care on a regular basis to maintain its beauty.

Tools and Materials:

* Tissue Paper * Soft Cloths * Bowl * Nylon Stocking * Liquid Detergent * Toothbrush * Jewelry Cloth

Step 1 – Be careful whenever you are handling your enamel jewelry. Accidentally dropping it could cause chips in the enamel.

Step 2 – Carefully place your jewelry in the nylon stocking. Set the stocking of jewelery in a large plastic bowl. Pour lukewarm water over the jewelry until it is covered. Add about three squirts of liquid detergent to the water. Gently agitate the water with the stocking. Allow the jewelry to sit in the warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes.

Step 3 – Carefully remove the pieces from the nylon stocking. Place them on a soft cloth. Use the toothbrush to carefully and gently clean any dirt or residue. Rinse the jewelry in cool, clear water (be sure the sink stopper is securely in place!) Do not use tap water if it is hard (it can leave spots), use bottled or distilled water instead. Shocking the piece from hot to cold extremes will stress the enamel and cause cracking or chipping!

Step 4 – Place jewelry on the soft cloth to dry. Gently pat dry with another soft cloth. If possible, use a hair dryer (first set to low heat) to dry off any excess moisture. A hot setting can cause heat damage!

Step 5 – Use a soft cloth to polish the enamel and metal. Rub the jewelry in small circular motions until the enamel and the metal begin to shine.

Step 6 – Place jewelry on tissue-paper and wrap it up before you put it way. This will protect the glass from accidental scratches and chips. Place the wrapped pieces of jewelry in a separate storage box or compartment to prevent accidental damage from bumping against other items.

Step 7 – Use a jewelry cloth to wipe any residue (from lotions, perfume, etc.) from your jewellery after you take it off. It is always best to remove your jewelry if you are using household cleaners, applying hand cream or applying perfume.

Overall, it is recommended that you DO NOT wear your jewelry while showering or swimming, and to always store it in a safe, dry place when not being worn. Caring for your enamel jewelry will preserve its beauty.

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NOVEMBER 28, 2021
Will ship out via USPS on Monday, November 29, 2021 (regardless of shipping method).  Online shop will close effective Monday, November 29, 2021, until Monday, January 10, 2022.  Ground shipment typically takes 2-3 Business Days, however, expect delays due to COVID-19.  (See shipping options and pricing below.)


NOVEMBER 29, 2021  –  JANUARY 9, 2022


JANUARY 10, 2022


USPS Priority Mail  =  $15.00
Approximately 1-3 Business Days, includes Tracking & Insurance

USPS Priority Mail Express  =  $30.00
Guaranteed 1-2 Business Days, includes Tracking & Insurance


How long does it take to process and prepare my order?

Please allow 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS to prepare  your order BEFORE it is shipped out to your provided address.

How long does it take for my package to arrive by the mail carrier?

Orders are currently only sent out to locations in the United States via the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail system. Depending on the shipping address provided and it’s distance from Eastern Pennsylvania, it could take 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS.

How are the shipping costs calculated?

I currently ship via USPS flat rate mail. The online “Art Shop” uses a USPS plug-in which will determine shipping options available to you based on your item size and your designated ship to postal zip code.

Please note, these ship times are IN ADDITION to Serricca Studios’ 1-3 BUSINESS DAY processing and handling time!

Options that might be offered to you include:

    • Priority Mail – 1-3 Business Days (see map)
    • Priority Mail Express – Overnight Delivery
  • Priority Mail Express – Overnight Delivery on Sundays / Holidays

Does my purchase come gift wrapped?

While “gift wrapping” isn’t currently offered as an item upgrade, Serricca Studios does send pieces in boxes suitable for presenting immediately as a gift!

Jewelry Packaging

  • Slate Grey Box: 3.5″W x 3.5″D x 1″H, matte-finished paper over 100% recycled cardboard box (90% post-consumer fiber & 10% pre-consumer fiber)
  • Grey Display Card: kraft cardstock, acid & lignin free
  • Anti-tarnish Polly-fill: 1/2″ thick wadding
  • Non-tarnish Jeweler’s Tissue Paper: for silver & sensitive metals, virtually free of sulfur (less than .0008%) and controlled for moisture (shelf-life of these qualities is approx. 5 years)
  • Product Care Sheet (if available)
  • Business Card
  • Grey (or white) Ribbon Bow

For more information, please read the Shipping Policy.

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